Light to save lives !

The Red Beacon -
" Head Lites(tm)"

Free Energy from alternated magnetic fields

No batteries or power supply needed in this illuminating device.


The principle:

When a current (A) flows in a coil of wire (call it circuit A) , a magnetic field is produced. Some of the work done in producing the current (A) is stored as energy in this magnetic field. Via Faraday's Law, while the current changes, there is an electric field in the surrounding space. We call it the EMF (Electric Magnetic Field). The EMF is induced in a second circuit (B) to generate the current (B) in the second ciruit by a magnetic flux. For a fixed 3D geometry, magnetic flux is proportional to the current (A) in circuit (A). The two circuits are strongly coupled by the EMF or inductance.

The patent:

Following a search at the Patent and Trade Office (PTO), we found a few patents that need some sort of power supply to illuminate a device. By using the principle of inductance, we were able to eliminate the power supply. In other words, we have acheived illumination without the weight of a physical power supply.

The Patent Number 6,097,287 was issued on Aug. 1st, 2000 which can be applied to the following applications. The rest is up to your imagination.

Automobile Lights at hard to reach places.
Motocycle Head Gear with a 3rd brake light
Snowmobile Head Gear with a 3rd brake light
Off-Road Vehicle Head Gear with a 3rd brake light
Aircraft Warning/Alert/Indicate light
Boat/Yacht/Jet Ski Warning/Alert/Indicate light
Putting it all together. (size:512k)
Moves around. (size:168k)
The effected areas. (size:544k)
When applying the brakes, the energy is transmitted through the air. The head gear is induced by the constant changing of the flux. The current lights up the LEDs.The head gear with the LED light will light up freely within the area of the wires' circumference.Another angle of the lit up area.

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